In the News: Dothan Opera House Renovations in 2024

Dothan Opera House renovations in 2024

A new year tends to symbolize new beginnings, and for one local landmark, that’s exactly what this year will bring. In fact, construction for the Dothan Opera House renovations in 2024 is set to begin this month!

About the Dothan Opera House renovations in 2024

According to reports, the Dothan Opera House renovations in 2024 will be the start of a larger project for the city. Phase one of the City Center Project will focus on updating the historic opera house in downtown. 

The initial kick-off for the project actually took place months ago with the demolition of the old Doth Utilities building. Now, the city has approved plans to move forward with the Dothan Opera House renovations.

Expect to see construction equipment, materials and other supplies roll into the area right along with the first few days of the new year. Not only will work begin on the opera house, but other older buildings will also be demolished to help clean up the back side of the opera house.

More about the renovations

As far as what’s in store for the Dothan Opera House renovations in 2024, earlier reports provided some insight. A few of the expected upgrades to the historic building include an upgraded HVAC system, audio-visual, lighting, and additional back-of-house improvements. 

The largest addition and renovation to the opera house will be an expanded lobby and event gathering center on the south side of the building. The design for the event plaza boasts water features, an outdoor performance area and an outdoor dining space. 

Overall, the renovations on the opera house are expected to be complete in March 2025. 


The Dothan Opera House is located at 115 N. Saint Andrews St., which is about four miles, or a 12-minute drive, from Meadow Ridge Apartments. Don’t forget to find the opera house on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the loop as renovations get underway.


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