In the News: HudsonAlpha Wiregrass

HudsonAlpha Wiregrass

New opportunities and breakthroughs will soon take root in our area thanks to HudsonAlpha Wiregrass. It’s part of a recently-announced partnership between the City of Dothan and Huntsville’s HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.

What is HudsonAlpha Wiregrass?

It’s innovation, collaboration and education at its finest. The new partnership will strive to accomplish three main things.

First of all, the partnership will provide hands-on genomics education and more to students, the general public, teachers, farmers and industry leaders.

Next up, it’s time to get nutty with the genomics research. Teams will partner with local farmers as they research Dothan’s favorite crop—peanuts.

Finally, HudsonAlpha Wiregrass will work to attract additional agricultural-tech companies and budding entrepreneurs to the area.

City leaders plan to announce the future downtown education center’s exact location at a later date. For now, the project is expected to begin in early October.

What is plant genomics?

In a nutshell, it’s a key part of a sustainable environment, food supply and healthy humans.

More specifically, it’s the field of biology centering on the structure, function, evolution, mapping and editing of genomes. Genomes are organisms that have a complete set of DNA.

As genomics applies to the upcoming peanut research at HudsonAlpha Wiregrass, findings will help with several things. For starters, it can help breeders create more resilient and productive peanut varieties.

It could also become a new crop for other parts of the world that could benefit from additional food sources, for example.


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