In the News: $12 Million Mental Health Center and Drug Lab in Dothan

$12 million mental health center and drug lab in Dothan

Plans for a $12 million mental health center and drug lab in Dothan are expected to be game changers for several local agencies, according to recent reports.

What we know

The $12 million mental health center and drug lab in Dothan will be a part of the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences.

Construction on the lab is expected to begin within the next few months. It will be built along Ennis Road near the Wiregrass Public Safety Center. The $5.3 million forensic drug lab will help local law enforcement agencies identify dangerous and illegal substances.

This is beneficial for several reasons. Most importantly, it will save the agencies time and money. They currently have to take suspected substances to the closest labs for analysis.

Those happen to be in Montgomery and Auburn, which are hours away. Oftentimes, it takes months to get the results back.

Once the Dothan lab is up and running, those travel times and wait times will be greatly reduced. The drug lab will also provide a rapid analysis of synthetic drugs too.

As far as the mental health center goes, an exact location for the facility has not yet been released. However, it will be the sixth center of this sort in the state.

Services will include access to psychiatrists as well as quality assessments. It will also provide services to those in immediate need regardless of their ability to pay.

The mental health center will be operated by SpectraCare. If all goes accordingly, the center will be open to the public by spring 2023.


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