Local Spotlight: Farley Nuclear Plant

Farley Nuclear Plant

We can always find something new to learn about in Dothan, AL. If you’ve ever wondered how our city receives its power, the local Farley Nuclear Plant offers a significant source of it. So, we have them to thank for fueling our laptops, homes, fridges, and more! Curious about how it all works? Follow us on a little trip to the plant’s hometown of Columbia, AL.

What is the Farley Nuclear Plant?

Locals may recognize the distinctive Farley Nuclear Power plant. Southern Nuclear, a part of Alabama Power, controls operations. Its ultimate power source? Uranium, which it transforms into pellets.

Run by its twin water reactors, the plant has brought power to the area since 1970. Currently, it brings power to around 9 million people. It also generates a significant amount of the energy used by Alabama Power: 19 percent!

Where did the Farley Nuclear Plant get its name?

After working as the CEO of Alabama Power for decades, Joseph M. Farley received a powerful reward: having a nuclear plant named after him! Considering the fact that he championed nuclear energy, it makes perfect sense.

He also has quite a track record! Over the years, his hard work allowed Alabama Power to fulfill a considerable growth in the market. By encouraging nuclear energy, he made sure that people could power their homes easily and more affordably.

The Benefits of Nuclear Power

The Farley Plant runs safely and effectively, 24/7. Thanks to it, Alabama residents have reaped the benefits of local nuclear power for decade. Those advantages include:

Where is the Farley Nuclear Plant?

Columbia, AL proudly houses the Farley Nuclear Plant. It sits at 7388 North on AL-95. Next time you drive through the city, see if you can spot it!

Visit on a Virtual Tour

You don’t actually need to drive the 23 minutes to Columbia, AL. While they normally conduct in-person tours, those have ended for the foreseeable future, due to COVID-19.

Still want to take a look? The Farley Nuclear Plant actually offers free virtual tours. Email [email protected] to get started.

Learning More about Nuclear Power

Young students and adults alike can all learn more about nuclear power! Watch brief, informative videos about the subject here.


Sometimes, we forget all the work it takes for us to live our normal lives. The Farley Nuclear Plant—and all its hard workers—strive to ensure that we never worry about power. Thank you for keeping Alabama running!

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