In the News: Tourism in Dothan

tourism in Dothan

Tourism in Dothan is on track for a record-setting year in 2021 if all continues according to plan. The projected boom for the hospitality industry is thanks to a strong main attraction and a group effort.

Throwing a Fastball

One of the major players in attracting tourism in Dothan is Visit Dothan, which is ready to help visitors find just what they need and want while in town.

A recent article on highlighted Visit Dothan’s new marketing strategy and efforts as shared during a presentation by the group’s CEO and President Aaron McCreight. He said that while Dothan does not have a convention center, the Circle City does have award-winning sports facilities.

Visit Dothan realized the facilities—and so much more—could be enjoyed by others. After all, sports is big business. Dothan has the facilities. Why not utilize those to attract a wide-range of sports tournaments to the city?

Get Sporty

In fact, 59 tournaments have already helped boost tourism in Dothan. The article accredits 31,500 rooms being booked by guests in town for sports events in 2020. Of course, last year came to a halt in the spring. Luckily, there was a slow rebound as the city put CDC safety guidelines in place.

The types of sporting tournaments and events that brought the people range from baseball to BMX to archery. McCreight presented impressive figures during his presentation. He said at this rate, 45,000 rooms were expected to be booked based on scheduled 2021 sporting events. Projected visitor spending is around $12 million. That figure triples the $3.9 million spent in 2018!

The 2021 Strategy

It’s simple. Put the spotlight on your best features. This includes a variety of restaurants, retail shops, museums and more.

Visit Dothan’s website makes it easy for tourists to find exactly what they need. There is a Covid-19 Safe Things To Do listing that also keeps it simple. Naturally, many of these spotlighted activities are outdoors. There is golfing, visiting Landmark Park, biking and walking, checking out local murals and finding 4-foot peanuts around town!

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If tourism in Dothan brought you to the Peanut Capital, then you know our secret. It’s not just the quality sports facilities, diverse dining, shopping and outdoor recreation. It’s the people. Made a quick decision to stay? Find a warm welcome at Meadow Ridge. Our one- and two-bedroom apartments are comfortable and affordable! Discover more about the town by reading our blogs!