On Campus: Troy University Dothan’s Biking and Walking Trails

Troy University Dothan's Biking and Walking Trails

With the winter solstice behind us, the days are gradually getting longer. One way to enjoy that extra bit of light is by getting outside at Troy University Dothan’s Biking and Walking Trails.

Exercise in Nature

We all know that regular exercise helps reduce stress and keeps you healthy. We’ve also been taught that being outside and getting fresh air reduces stress and is good for overall mental health too. For Dothan residents, they can get both benefits in one place.

Troy University Dothan’s Biking and Walking Trails are open to the public seven days a week during daylight hours. The walking trails, officially named the Harrison Walking Trail, consist of three nature trails that equal about four-and-a-half miles. Commissioned by Dr. Thomas Harrison in 1990 during his time as the president of the Dothan Campus, the main trail begins on campus behind Malone Hall.

It winds through 130 wooded acres of the campus providing Dothan with its only shaded walking trail.

Bike, Hike or Both?

Another benefit to Troy University Dothan’s Biking and Walking Trails for the public is the outdoor activity options. The walking trails provide a quiet escape to walk or even jog in a beautiful, safe setting. 

If you want to mix up your exercise routine, you can put the pedal to the path and roll across almost seven miles of biking trails. The bike trail was established in 1998 and starts near the Campus TV tower. It has been expanded twice since then to accommodate more activity.

More Than Biking and Hiking

One of the best things about Troy University Dothan’s Biking and Walking Trails is that they serve an educational purpose as well. Troy University students and avid bird watchers utilize the natural habitat to identify and study indigenous species. From native birds to trees, flora and fauna, visitors to the trails can learn about 110 different types of trees.

Besides the walking and biking trails, there are two bodies of water. A two-acre pond and a one-acre freshwater stream are both tucked away on the flourishing grounds. 


If you want to know more about the Campus Trails, please call (334) 983-6556. If you want to start the new year off right with more exercise and outside time, check both resolutions off at once with a visit to Troy University Dothan’s Biking and Walking Trails. 

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