In the News: Medical Manufacturing Center in Dothan

Medical Manufacturing Center in Dothan

The landscape of our town is about to enjoy a welcomed new change. A new medical manufacturing center in Dothan, AL was announced in early October of this year. Though no estimated completion date has been finalized, exciting things are on the horizon for our city. Read on to learn more about this fantastic new project—and how it will affect our community for the better.

What will the new medical manufacturing center create?

At the beginning of 2020, no one could have estimated the sudden rise in demand for PPE (personal protective equipment). Though we’ve all been doing our part individually to flatten the curve, PPE is critical in keeping our communities healthy. And now, the planned medical manufacturing center in Dothan, AL will contribute to the solution. The center plans to produce PPE products, as well as other medical equipment like fabrics, giving people the resources they need to live their lives safely and happily.

Who is building the new medical manufacturing center?

Advanced Product Solutions, which is a subsidiary of Global Resources International, are responsible for  the new medical manufacturing center. Additionally, Eastern Technologies Inc., will also help with the upcoming project, as well as operations.

More on why this news is so exciting

The addition of more jobs to our local economy is always a good thing. This new medical manufacturing center in Dothan, AL will bring construction work and long-time employment for its operational staff. In fact, its creators have earmarked $9.5 million for its construction—and a good portion of that money will be funneled straight into Dothan’s economy.

Want to know approximately how many hires this development will bring? As of right now, the project is estimated to put 70 new jobs on the table.


There are countless reasons why life looks bright in our hometown. The upcoming medical manufacturing center in Dothan, AL is just one of the pack. It aims to create jobs, PPE, and a healthy environment for people across our community—and the rest of the world too.

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