In the News: The City’s Love Dothan Campaign

Love Dothan campaign

The city’s Love Dothan campaign helped us kick off 2020 in a big way—and it’s still going strong. Designed to help local residents enjoy living in our town, this campaign focuses on making Dothan, Alabama a place we’ll be even prouder to call home. Participants have excitedly made improvements over the past few months, but they’re not stopping now! There’s still more to come too.

What is the goal of the Love Dothan campaign?

The main goal of this campaign is to make our city the best place it can possibly be. From improving its strengths to revamping areas that need a little extra TLC, it aims to enhance our wonderful hometown.

What areas will the Love Dothan campaign cover?

Planners have organized the Love Dothan campaign into eight main sections, hoping to make them stronger than ever. They cover:

  • Downtown Dothan;
  • Existing neighborhoods;
  • Businesses, their infrastructure, and their development;
  • Local construction;
  • Local schools;
  • Neighbor-to-neighbor communications in our town;
  • City organization and city employees;
  • The local economy.

What has the Love Dothan campaign done so far?

Each of the eight areas described by the Love Dothan campaign will receive individualized attention for improvement. Some of those changes are already in action!

For example, the Love Your Neighborhood section of the campaign resulted in a massive cleanup of Baptist Bottom on August 15. An estimation of more than 100 volunteers joined together to remove trash, repaint fire hydrants, fix potholes, and more. Their actions show that a few hours of someone’s time can change lots of lives.

What else is on the agenda for the Love Dothan campaign?

The future holds even more advancements for our town, thanks to the Love Dothan campaign. Some proposed examples for the agenda include:

  • Creating space for bike riders and pedestrians to safely travel;
  • Educating residents on how to participate in talks with city officials, so their voices can be heard;
  • Improving structures Downtown, so that they look better and stay around longer;
  • Fueling the local economy and giving it space to grow;
  • And more.


Throughout 2020—and beyond—the city’s Love Dothan campaign showcases the special spirit of our town. After all, our residents deserve to thrive! We can’t wait to see what other positive changes the campaign will bring to our hometown.

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