Dothan Is One of the Best Places to Retire in Alabama

dothan is one of the best places to retire in Alabama

You’ve worked hard over the last few decades to ensure a well-earned retirement. Soon, you’ll be spending your days relaxing, learning new hobbies, and seeing loved ones. First, though, you have to decide where exactly you’ll be spending your golden years. Lucky for locals, Dothan is one of the best places to retire in Alabama, according to

Fitness Options

Fresh air does a person good! Retirees can play tennis, stroll around more than a dozen parks, and even go horseback riding. That means living in Dothan can do wonders for your health! After all, you’ve worked hard to retire—so you should be able to enjoy this time for many years to come.


Another reason why Dothan is one of the best places to retire in Alabama is its excellent health care. Though everyone could benefit from a top-quality medical center nearby, retirees in particular will be happy to know that our town has two great hospitals.

Places to Go

When you retire, you finally have the chance to do all things you couldn’t while you were working. That means you can drink in the local life, visit cool venues and restaurants, and make the most of this new stage in your life. Well, Dothan has all of the fun you could ever want. It’s even close to both Georgia and Florida, making it easy to travel. We also have an airport!

Wondering where you can go? Options include:

Low Cost of Living

A low cost of living means that you can stretch your retirement dollars even farther! Live large without spending big in Dothan, Alabama.


The final reason why Dothan is one of the best places to retire in Alabama: the fact that you can live at Meadow Ridge Apartments! We have fantastic floorplans to choose from: one-bedroom, one-bathroom units, two-bedroom, one-bathroom units, and three-bedroom, two-bathroom units. Our apartments also include amazing features like oversized closets and access to a great pool. All we’re missing is you!

Want to learn more? Ready to apply? Visit our site here. As for learning more about Dothan and local living, check out our blog.