In the News: Dothan is the Number One Small City for Doctors

Dothan is the number one small city for doctors

We rarely want to go to the doctor—even for routine appointments. Though modern medicine allows us to live longer, healthier lives, the idea of being in a hospital or clinic can be nerve-wracking. Still, the peace of mind of having well-staffed hospitals filled with well-trained doctors can be a huge relief. Well, Dothan is the number one small city for doctors, according to a new study. Here’s more on this amazing honor!

How is this achievement awarded?

Dothan went up against 317 cities in a study determining the best cities in general for doctors to work in and the best small cities where doctors could work. Our town earned a number five spot overall, and it also earned the number one small city for doctors. Finally, cities need a population of 150,000 people or less to qualify as a small city in the study.

What does the honor mean?

So, Dothan is the number one small city for doctors. What exactly does that mean? The study determined Dothan’s position by researching factors like:

  • Cost of living;
  • Average annual salary; and
  • Density of jobs.

Why has Dothan ranked so high?

There many reasons why Dothan is the number one city for doctors. They include factors like:

  • The fact that Dothan has two hospitals in town;
  • 24 percent more doctor jobs per capita;
  • The large, varying amount of specialists working;
  • An average salary of $267,000; and
  • Our town’s low cost of living.

Overall, these facts show that not only are our doctors paid well, but they can live with less stress too. It also means that they can provide a better quality of care to residents too!


We have a new blessing to be grateful for this holiday season! Dothan is the number one small city for doctors. They, along with the rest of the important hospital and clinic staff, make our city a safe place to live.

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